Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sewing on a grander scale...

Last week I started my 6 week course of sewing lessons, arranged by my Dad as a Christmas present. On Thursday evening I trundled down the hill (everywhere is "down the hill" from us, we live approx 1/2 mile from the highest point in Kent) to The Sewing Club, to start improving my sewing under the watchful eye of Angela, the course director.

Now I'm not a complete beginner, but due to a lack of funds throughout University and beyond, my machine thus far has been a 1960s Harris:

Very sweet though this may look, it has one stitch (straight) and one speed (fast!). Therefore my lessons were always going to be on a modern machine that would take some time getting used to. Angela has named all her machines, mainly for the use of keeping track of servicing, and I was set to work on "Keith", a Brother LS 2125, practising zigzag stitches and threading up the machine.

I was hooked - this machine could not only sew more than one stitch, it didn't make the crackling-and-blue-lights display on the back of motor (I'm not sure my Harris is the safest thing in the world!)... And being someone who takes her "crafty education" very seriously, I spent Friday morning researching where I could buy my very own "Keith". And with a bit of price comparison and searching, I found my very own...

I usually do all my crafting at our dining table, but as I intend to use my new machine a lot, I hauled in an old table from one of our stables and set up an mini crafting/sewing area. My boyfriend has agreed that if I use my machine on this old table every night for 2 weeks, he'll build me a proper crafting desk with storage...wish me luck!


  1. Congrats on taking up sewing! (ok, sewing classes!) I LOVE sewing! I find it relaxing... yet harrowing and exasperating at times... but I still keep creating!
    You have a great blog.... and I enjoyed reading it! Good luck on the sewing!

  2. That is one amazing looking Harris, even if it doesn't do all that you would want it to. The color alone! Yay for taking up sewing. Its on my next to do list. Keep us posted!

  3. Have fun with your new machine! You should have so (sew?) much fun with it that it will be in a new storage unit before you know it!
    Great new blog. I love too see what others are working on. I especially like the picture of your snow. I find snow much prettier when I know that it isnt accompanied by -40 temps. : )

  4. Your blog is so fun... I love all your crafting and projects and supplies! :)


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